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Rhinestone 101

Informed decisions are always more meaningful!
 Please review and learn about variations in rhinestone types- especially if you're looking to purchase a bling tumbler cup.
What material are rhinestones made of?
For the most part, stones can be divided into two categories: crystal/glass rhinestones and plastic/resin rhinestones, which are made of crystal glass and plastic material respectively. EbonyEmpress Crowns uses high quality variations of both resin and glass stones.
What's the difference between Acrylic and Resin Rhinestones?
Plastic rhinestones on the market are mostly made of acrylic plastic or resin- THESE ARE BOTH PLASTIC! The differences between them are the production process, and brightness. Acrylic is formed by injection molding, while the resin is a silicone mold, and uses drop-in resin for molding. Additionally, resin rhinestones are brighter than acrylic rhinestones, but the resin will become yellower over extended periods of time, and its brightness will decrease. EbonyEmpress Crowns uses high quality resin stones that will last some years before their shine diminishes. We also carry resin pearl rhinestones in various colors. 

Resin Rhinestones


Resin versus Glass Rhinestones: which is better?
The answer to this question is relative to the product you're looking to purchase, affordability and over-all desired outcome. 

The material density of the glass is higher, so it is heavier than the plastic/resin rhinestone. However, the characteristics of glass are that it is fragile and easy to crack, so special care should be taken while using it. 

In general, the creation process for resin rhinestones takes less energy, they can be recycled and reused, and are more environmentally friendly. Most plastic rhinestones do not contain lead or other heavy metals, unlike glass rhinestones. The glass rhinestone production process is more complicated. The glass must be heated to a temperature of several thousand degrees and then ground into different shapes. Though the process is  rigorous, the glass rhinestone is brighter and has a better texture.

What brands of rhinestones are most notable?
The most famous crystal/glass rhinestones were made by Swarovski and have spectacular brilliance, shine and longevity. Unfortunately, they are no longer in production and have become almost impossible to obtain by bling artists. Other brands such as Alora and Preciosa have since been the rhinestone of choice for many bling artists. They are just as spectacular as Swarovski, and also come with a hefty price tag due to their exclusivity. EbonyEmpress Crowns works with a vendor for Preciosa rhinestones as needed. These stones are not kept in stock, and require special order. Please email us if you'd like your creation to have Preciosa stones. 
What types of stones should I use for my bling cup?
This question is also relative. One should consider costs and usage to make their final determination. If we had to choose, we'd go with glass stones for all cups simply because they last very long. The picture below was made with beautiful; glass stones. You will notice that there is an increase price for glass stones, and this will continue to occur due to market price increases- especially for pink glass stones.  EbonyEmpress Crowns uses stones from reputable vendors, that have been in business for quite some time. Their glass and resin stones hold up very well. Overall, it's completely up to you! 
 30 oz glass stone tumbler
If you're still unsure, please contact us to help guide you with your decision.