We're on vacation from July 6th to July 16th. During this time, we will still be accepting orders, but will not start on them until after the 16th!

About Us

The Vision- To remind you that your greatest super power is that there is only one YOU. Be unique; you're a limited edition.

Our Mission- To provide quality products that reflect culture, luxury, fabulousness, service and positive energy to our customers, as we use art to remind you of your uniqueness. 

Yolanda THE Empress

"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph"- Thomas Paine

CEO Yolanda Gore, established EbonyEmpress Crowns in 2019 shortly after a family tragedy. Arts and crafts had always been a passionate hobby, but suddenly became a means to cope, and an ability to express what words are unable to convey. This company is grounded in creativity, individuality, and most importantly- positive energy.  

"There are tragedies and reasons to give up all around us. Finding a mind space to remember your super power is important. My goal is to provide a product that helps you reflect that power. Our creations are truly one of a kind, just like you. Take a look at yourself, and remember- you can do anything. Tap into your super power."